When Is The Best Time To Sell A Dirt Bike?

Whenever you sell a dirt bike, there are always questions. Why sell it? How much can I get for it? It’s important that, when selling anything, you do adequate research to ensure you know how to get the best price, and this holds true for understanding when the best time is to sell a dirt bike.

The best time to sell a used dirt bike is at the beginning of the riding season, whether you’re selling to a dealership or a private buyer. This is when enthusiasm is high, and there are plenty of buyers to be found. However, it’s possible to sell your bike at any time if you know what you’re doing.

Every dirt bike is different, and some may be in better condition than others. It also depends on how you take care of your bike and if any damage may lower the selling price. Below, we explore a range of factors that may affect your selling price and when you should sell your dirt bike.

The Best Time To Sell Your Dirt Bike

By understanding the market and the value of your bike, you’ll be able to get the best possible price when it comes to selling it. The optimal times to sell your dirt bike are during the riding season when people are most excited to participate in the sport, though you may find interested parties around the holidays as well.

Dirt bikes are often seasonal items, so it’s important to know the best time of year to sell them. For example, spring and summer are usually excellent times to sell dirt bikes because that’s when most people are looking to buy them for the start of new riding seasons. Typically, if you’re trying to sell a dirt bike during the winter, you must be prepared to lower your asking price.

However, people don’t necessarily need an excuse to buy a dirt bike. If you want to sell, it’s worth listing your ride just about any time, but it may take longer to find the buyer you’re after if you’re trying to sell in the offseason.

Selling Prior To And Following The Riding Season

The beginning of the riding season is usually the best time to sell a dirt bike. During the spring months, you’ll find plenty of enthusiasm and potential buyers looking for a well-maintained bike. Buyers are generally eager to get on the track and start training and enjoying warmer weather during springtime, and they’ll be most likely to be shopping around for a new bike during that time.

While the excitement fades a bit as the season gets in full swing, there should be plenty of buyers through the summer as well, and the end of the season offers its own opportunities.

Many riders will be looking to trade out their ride at the end of an unsuccessful season or swap their existing bike for a new riding experience.

Selling During The Holidays

This is an exception to the rule that you shouldn’t sell during winter. Over the holidays, people may purchase dirt bikes as gifts for loved ones, so if you’re prepping to sell and the holidays are approaching, it can be worth a try to sell this time of year.

Just after the holidays, some buyers may have more cash on hand as well, thanks to gifts, and they may use that cash to purchase their own dirt bikes if they didn’t get the one they asked for! However, there is a flipside to that argument, in that many people won’t have much cash to spare as they’ve been buying other people gifts too. It’s therefore not always the best time to try and sell.

Selling It Right Now

If you really want or need to sell your dirt bike, nothing is stopping you from selling it now. People may purchase dirt bikes out of season for various reasons, including birthdays and for offseason projects. You may get lucky, especially if you’re a little flexible with the price.

However, it’s always worth considering the general state of affairs, and what the current market looks like. This is another key reason you should do your research before you plan to sell, so that you can understand whether or not you should hold off in the hopes of getting more money for your bike in the future.

Getting Traction On The Market

Sometimes you can do everything right and still not make a sale. Factors like the current economy and the overall job market can affect how easy it is to sell your dirt bike.

If your dirt bike isn’t getting any interest from prospective buyers, you should reassess your sales ad, checking to make sure it’s appealing enough to catch someone’s eye. It must have an easy-to-read, informative description, great photos, and accurate contact information.

If that’s not the problem, try different avenues for advertising the bike, testing out various websites and ad locations. Finally, give it time. Dirt bikes are typically high-priced items, so finding the right person to buy your bike can take a little time. In the end, you may need to lower your asking price in order to sell it.

How To Determine The Value Of Your Dirt Bike

If you are selling a dirt bike, it is crucial to determine its value before selling it. This will help ensure that you get the most money for your bike, and that you are fair and honest with potential buyers. It helps your buyer know they are paying the appropriate price if you understand and can justify what it’s truly worth.

To determine the value of your used dirt bike, start by researching prices online to see what the current market value of your dirt bike may be. The area you’re in can affect the value of the dirt bike. By knowing how much other people pay for bikes in similar conditions, you can ensure you sell your bike for the right price.

If there is any damage or wear on the bike, you’ll want to factor that into your sale price. If your dirt bike is in good condition, with minimal wear and damage, it will be worth more than the same make and model in poor condition. The older a dirt bike is, the less value it tends to have as well.

Getting An Estimate From A Mechanic

Evaluate your dirt bike’s overall condition to help gauge a fair price. It can help to have a mechanic look the dirt bike over to give you a stamp of approval that it’s in good condition and doesn’t need any significant repairs before listing it. That way, you can back up the price you’ve settled on if buyers question it.

If the mechanic finds any issues, you can make the necessary repairs before selling the bike. Or you can take the problems into account when setting the price and try to sell the bike as is if the repairs aren’t deemed worth fixing before selling. You should always be upfront with potential buyers about existing mechanical issues that require repair.

Do Dirt Bikes Hold Their Value?

Dirt bikes don’t hold their value over time in most cases. The more you use your dirt bike, the less value it will hold, but various other factors affect how well your dirt bike will hold its value too. These include the brand and model, how old the dirt bike is, and its overall condition.

Whatever you do, don’t hold on to a dirt bike you plan to sell for too long, as eventually it will just become more and more challenging to sell as it either wears further or the specific model just depreciates over time. If you’re looking to get the most money for a used dirt bike, selling as soon as possible is usually the best course of action.

Even if you’ve barely ridden it, your dirt bike will lose value over time. You take the biggest hit immediately after bringing it home from the dealership. Then, the dirt bike continues to depreciate considerably every year you own it for the first five or six years. After the first few years, depreciation of a dirt bike’s value typically slows, but it still goes down rather than up.

Of course, to hold any value at all, a dirt bike must be well maintained as it ages to keep it in working order. But how do you determine the true value of your dirt bike?

When To Sell Your Dirt Bike Online

Selling your dirt bike online can be a great way to find more buyers. You can advertise on websites like eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist to increase the number of potential buyers and your odds of selling the bike versus selling in your local area. However, you should take precautions when selling online so that you don’t get ripped off or scammed.

How To Sell Your Dirt Bike Online Safely

When selling a dirt bike on the internet, ensure the buyer is legitimate and trustworthy before meeting them in person. Discuss the dirt bike with them over the phone before meeting in person. Never include your address or the bike’s location in the listing, and when you meet a buyer, meet them in a public place.

Since selling your dirt bike online or through classified ads increases the number of potential buyers, you may get a better price than if you were selling it offline, no matter when you decide to sell it. However, some people prefer to sell within their social circle or to members of their local dirt bike community for safety reasons, and this may be a viable option for you.

What Online Market Should You Sell In?

Anyone selling a dirt bike should know where to sell it. While there are many options, such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, your best choice will probably depend on what kind of dirt bike you own and where you live. Newer dirt bikes in good repair are easier to find buyers for and can be sold in almost any market, either locally or online.

When To Sell Your Dirt Bike To A Dealership

The best time to sell your dirt bike to a dealership is in the spring or summer. This is true for the private market and for dealers as well. Dealers need to sell the bikes they buy, so they also prefer buying dirt bikes during the riding season, as they can usually resell them quickly.

Selling your dirt bike to a dealer can be simple if you shop around for the best price. Make sure to have your bike in running condition, because if it’s not, selling it “as is” will not allow you to get much money.

A good mechanic should be able to tune up the engine and fix any issues with the bike that would prevent a sale. It’s hard to convince a potential buyer to purchase a bike that no one can test drive, and most dealers won’t accept a bike that won’t run. So, it might be worth taking it to your local garage for a service before you try selling it.

Also, be sure you have your proof of ownership on hand – usually a title and registration – before approaching the dealer, and make the dirt bike look as good as possible for their inspection.

Clean it thoroughly, just as you would before attempting to sell it on the private market. Make your dirt bike look as new as you can and offer documentation of the maintenance you’ve performed on it while you’ve owned it. All of this builds credibility, and will allow you to get a higher price for your dirt bike.

The 3 Best Selling Dirt Bikes Of 2021

1. Honda CRF450R

A proper off-ride bike, the Honda CRF450R is a best seller and popular choice for those looking to buy a used dirt bike. The CRF450R has seen many improvements over its predecessor, including upgraded bodywork and an engine overhaul.

Lighter and more powerful than previous models, the CRF450R has a 4-stroke single engine and a hydraulic clutch. If you own a Honda CRF series dirt bike, now could be a good time to sell it. However, if you have one in good condition and don’t plan to use it in the offseason, it could be worth waiting until the season is about to start to maximize your sale price.

2. Husqvarna FC 450

Owners of a used FC 450 won’t usually have any trouble selling it. The 2020 Husqvarna introduced a revamped suspension system and upgraded chassis, making it a big improvement over previous models.

The FC 450 includes a map switch, allowing you to quickly switch between engine maps. Riders can switch between “smooth,” “standard,” or “aggressive” maps. The Husqvarna has been very popular with tons of new features, and used models often fetch a reasonable price on the market.

3. SSR SR300S

SSR Motorsports came onto the scene in 2020 and the brand has already developed a loyal following. The SR300S is coveted for its cutting-edge look and performance on the track. Perfect for off-road adventures, the SSR SR300S features a lightweight aluminum frame and a modern design.

A relatively affordable midsize bike, the popularity of SR300S will likely grow as the SSR brand expands. This makes the bike fairly easy to sell, and it’ll likely stay that way in the future.

Final Thoughts

The best time to sell a dirt bike is in the spring or summer, ideally just before or during the riding season. This is when demand is highest, and people are looking for a new bike for the season. However, selling around the holidays may also be worth a try.