Camping Essentials For Women (6 Fashionable And Practical Ideas)

Although a passion for the outdoors is something shared by all campers regardless of gender, there is no denying that ladies need to bring different gear on their adventures. It’s therefore useful to have a list of some camping essentials for women.

6 camping essentials for women are:

  1. Wet wipes
  2. Female urination device
  3. Solar charger
  4. Sweat-wicking leggings
  5. Menstrual cup
  6. Female-specific backpack

When purchasing the above items, you need to consider your individual needs as a camper. Base weight, pack size and comfort are all factors at play and will vary from person to person. Below, we’ll dive into each item in detail, helping you to choose the right essentials for your next camping trip.

6 Camping Essentials For Women

1. Wet Wipes

All campers know that to truly embrace a night spent in the great outdoors, you have to compromise on hygiene and cleanliness a little bit. Nobody wants to smell bad though, right? A pack of wet wipes is the ideal camping companion as they help to keep you clean throughout your adventure


Although we all love a good wild swim, bathing opportunities can be limited in some environments, so you need to be prepared. A pack of wet wipes can be used on your body and your face, helping to keep you clean and free of dirt.

We recommend the sensitive ones, as these are gentler on the skin than some alternatives. Sensitive wet wipes can also be used anywhere on the body and shouldn’t interfere with your body’s natural pH levels.

Pair With Antibacterial Gel

Even though wet wipes are great at making you feel clean, they don’t always have antibacterial properties. To avoid picking up germs and getting ill, pair wet wipes with antibacterial gel and use the latter to wash your hands before you eat.


  • Multifunctional
  • Hygienic


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Bulky to carry

2. Female Urination Device

Sadly, peeing alfresco for us girls isn’t quite as easy as it is for men. Even if you’ve perfected your squat technique, a change in the wind or a slight misstep can result in a wet leg. Very bad news when you don’t have access to shower facilities!

Very Useful

Being able to pee standing up saves you a whole world of pain and it is easier than you think! In recent years, female urination devices, also known as pee funnels, have flooded the camping and outdoors market, making it not only possible but even easy for ladies to pee standing up.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, with many brands providing a waterproof pouch to keep them in as standard. Although many users claim that you don’t need to use toilet paper with these, if you are particular about feeling clean, we’d advise it anyway.

Building your confidence when peeing standing up can take time, so it is recommended that you practice at home. Although some female urination devices can be a little tricky to use at first, after a few practice runs you’ll have it mastered.

Pitch And Trek

Pitch and Trek do a great pee funnel made from high-quality silicone with a leak-proof seal. It’s lightweight and folds into a compact little bag, meaning it won’t take up much room in your backpack. It also comes with a waterproof pouch and instructions to help you get started.


  • Lightweight
  • Practical


  • Requires practice

3. Solar Charger

In the backcountry, there is a distinct lack of plug sockets. While not usually a problem, this can be a real pain when you have a multi-day camping trip planned. Whether you want to stay connected to update your Instagram followers on your epic adventure or if you feel safer knowing that help is just a call away, you’ll need to charge your phone.

Power Banks vs Solar Chargers

When it comes to choosing a portable charger, the market is saturated with choice. However, it is important to understand that there is a difference between power banks and solar chargers. Power banks only hold a few charges so will need to be topped up after a few uses. These are no good for trips where you won’t have access to electricity for many days.

Renewable Energy Source

A solar charger with a USB hookup provides a potentially endless power supply as it charges using sunlight. Many of these chargers attach directly onto backpacks, allowing you to absorb the sun’s rays while you’re on the go, ideal for multi-day camping trips.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Keeps you connected


  • Needs direct sunlight
  • Requires time to charge up

4. Sweat-Wicking Leggings

Whether you’re camping as part of an extended hiking trip or just fancy getting back to nature for a few days, an element of walking is fairly inevitable. Unless you’re an ultralight packing pro, carrying your campsite setup is likely to make you sweat.

To ensure maximum comfort, we recommend investing in a pair of sweat-wicking leggings. These are ideal for outdoorsy pursuits as they don’t retain moisture, helping you dry off quickly when you sweat.

Fashionable And Practical

Most ladies will already know that leggings are the comfiest clothes known to humankind, making them perfect for those lazy evenings by the fire. Thanks to the boom in outdoor fashion, active leggings no longer have to be boring. Plenty of indie labels and big brands are now offering funky designs in moisture-resistant material.

Look Out For Marketing Ploys

Sweat-wicking and moisture-resistant have become buzzwords in the activewear industry. Plenty of companies will advertise that their products wick sweat away but in reality, they won’t all keep you dry to the same degree. Look out for leggings made with synthetic performance fibers such as polyester or spandex for the best results.


  • Funky designs
  • Quick drying


  • Often come without pockets
  • Sweat-wicking efficiency varies by brand

5. Menstrual Cup

Camping on your period can be a daunting prospect. We’ve all heard those terrifying campfire stories about bears being able to sniff out the faintest trace of blood from miles away! Luckily, hiking and camping while you’re on your period doesn’t have to be a big inconvenience.

The menstrual cup is a small feminine hygiene device that allows you to manage your period. After it has been inserted, most cups can be worn for up to 12 hours. When it comes to emptying the cup, simply dig a hole in the ground at least 100 meters from your camp and dispose of the contents like you would other human waste. The cup can be cleaned using water, wet wipes, and by boiling it.


Unlike other types of feminine hygiene products, a menstrual cup is reusable, making it an environmentally friendly option. Compared to tampons and pads, it also takes up minimal room in your backpack.

Practice First

If you have never used a cup before, you may want to practice at home first. This is because it may take a few attempts to perfect your insertion and removal techniques. This is time well spent as it will teach you how to avoid unnecessary mess.

And in case you’re wondering, the National Park Service has determined that women are at no additional risk of bear attacks when they are menstruating!


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Requires cleaning
  • Needs practice

6. Female-Specific Backpack

The key to a successful camping trip is comfort. Lugging your camping setup around with you across various terrains can be exhausting, so you’ll want to make sure you have a supportive backpack you can rely on.

Specifically Designed

Think all backpacks are made equal? Think again! Investing in a women-specific backpack is likely to be the best camping purchase you’ll ever make. These packs have been specifically designed to fit the female body. Usually featuring a durable back system, these female-friendly packs will not only provide support for your spine, but also offer unmatched levels of comfort.

Big brands such as Osprey and Deuter both offer women-specific ranges which tailor torso length, harness, and hip belts to female proportions.These rucksacks can be expensive but are worth the investment. Back pain is guaranteed to put a real downer on your trip.

Size Variations

Although most women are likely to find a gender-specific backpack more comfortable, this does depend on your shape and torso size. For this reason, you are always advised to try on a backpack before buying. If it isn’t working for your body, don’t buy a pack just because the label says it’s for women.


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Once upon a time, buying camping and outdoor gear for women was nigh on impossible. If you could even find what you needed, chances are it would only be available in a grubby camo pattern. However, as brands evolve to meet demand, the camping essentials available for women nowadays not only serve a purpose but are also fashionable.

Whether it be a pair of funky leggings, a solar charger, or a pee funnel, all of these essentials for women are guaranteed to make your camping experience more comfortable, while freeing up time to enjoy what you love most about the backcountry!