The 3 Risks Of Riding A Dirt Bike In The Rain

Many riders nowadays, especially beginners, get quite nervous when it’s time to ride their dirt bikes in the rain. Some of them are worried that the rain will damage their bikes, while others are worried that they won’t be able to control the bike properly.

The 3 risks of riding a dirt bike in the rain are:

  1. Cosmetic damage
  2. Mechanical damage
  3. Safety issues

Although these risks might seem serious, there are ways to minimize them. There are even certain advantages of riding in the rain. Below, we’ll go through these risks in more detail and explain how you can safely ride your dirt bike in the rain.

The 3 Risks Of Riding A Dirt Bike In The Rain

1. Cosmetic Damage

This is the risk most riders worry about when it comes to riding in wet weather. Cosmetic damage, such as rust, can occur if the dirt bike is being left in the rain for a long period of time. However, this issue can be prevented by cleaning the dirt bike after each ride, and so it shouldn’t put you off riding your dirt bike in the rain.

Another type of cosmetic damage that concerns a lot of riders is mud attaching to their dirt bikes more than usual. This could lead to scratching or paint chipping. Keep in mind that good maintenance is the key and cleaning the bike regularly can prevent this issue as well.

2. Mechanical Damage

Even though the cosmetic damage rain can cause is usually not that severe and can be avoided, the mechanical damage that you might be subjected to is a bigger deal. However, the rain can only cause mechanical issues if it gets inside the internal parts of the bike, which is quite rare.

Dirt bikes are built to be ridden in rough terrain, and so they’re designed to withstand the elements as long as you take good enough care of the bike. If rain does somehow get into something like your engine or any other important internal components, you’ll probably know about it quite quickly, and you’ll probably need to take your bike to a mechanic to get it fixed.

3. Safety Issues

Mechanical and cosmetic damage from riding in the rain is not something you should stress about too much, as your bike is built to withstand it. However, riding in the rain is a lot more dangerous as the mud can be very slippery and so the risk of crashing is much higher than in the dry.

You shouldn’t stress about that either as long as it’s not too rainy. But if it has been raining steadily and heavily for a couple of days non-stop, you should avoid riding. The more water on the ground, the bigger the risks. It’s simply not worth the risk unless you really know what you’re doing, or take things really slow until you get to grips with the conditions.

Advantages Of Riding A Dirt Bike In The Rain

If mud flying all around you is something that would boost your adrenaline, you are going to love riding in the rain. Although it can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful, a lot of riders all across the world find it way more exciting.

While you always want to ensure you have control of your dirt bike, it can be a far more exciting experience to be on the edge of control. With the added risk of riding in the wet often comes added fun, but once again it needs to be stressed that sometimes too much rain can make it nearly impossible to control the bike.

Disadvantages Of Riding A Dirt Bike In The Rain

Aside from the possible mechanical and cosmetic damage rain can do to your dirt bike, riding in the rain can also cause your goggles to get quite foggy. This can prove to be very dangerous as your visibility can be significantly reduced. This can make landing jumps very dangerous, but even keeping the dirt bike going where you want it can be tough if you’re struggling to see.

Not to forget that riding in the rain can also be very cold. This goes beyond safety, and instead is just a factor that can make the entire experience less fun! However, with the right kind of gear and clothes, this shouldn’t be a problem. So, let’s take a look at some of the essentials for riding your dirt bike in the rain.

5 Tips For Riding Your Dirt Bike In The Rain

1. Pre-Treat The Bike

In order to prevent mud from getting stuck to your dirt bike, you should pre-treat it. The best way to do this is to find a high-quality pre-treating spray. Not only will it stop the mud from getting stuck, but it will also make the cleaning part much easier. Remember, you should always clean your dirt bike properly after riding in the rain.

2. Bring Spare Clothes

Without trying to state the obvious, you should be wearing waterproof gear when riding in the rain. But even if you wear the right waterproof gear, there is still a chance that your clothes will get wet from the rain. So, having spare clothes is essential. This way you will avoid the uncomfortable feeling of sitting in wet clothes on your way back home.

3. Wear High Visibility Gear

As we all know, it can be quite difficult to spot someone in the rain. So, it’s important that you wear high visibility gear. If you wear a black outfit, other riders may not be able to see you which increases the risk of having an accident. So, go for brighter clothing, and possibly even reflective clothing so that other’s will have an easy time seeing you.

4. Wear Waterproof Gloves

Having waterproof gloves is a huge plus if you like riding your dirt bike in the rain. Not only will they prevent your hands from getting cold and wet, but good waterproof gloves will also give you more grip on your handlebars. This will help give you more control, which is imperative when riding in the rain.  

5. Ziplock Your Phone

The best way to save your phone and other valuables from getting wet is to keep them in your car. But if you insist on having them with you, the best thing you can do is Ziplock them, as a standard dry bag is not enough. For even better protection you can put napkins in your Ziplock, just in case any moisture does get in.

Should Children Ride In The Rain?

Not all the children have the same amount of experience with riding a dirt bike at all, never mind in the rain. If your kid is an experienced rider with advanced skills and abilities, riding in the rain shouldn’t be anything but fun. As long as they can control the bike, they should be safe to ride in the rain.

On the other hand, if your kid is still a beginner and doesn’t have a lot of experience with riding a dirt bike, he/she should avoid riding in wet weather. This will make the learning process much more difficult, so it’s really only something they should do once they have the basics down and are ready for a more challenging environment.

Riding An Electric Dirt Bike In The Rain

If you have an electric dirt bike, you might be wondering whether it is a good idea to ride it in the rain or not. You should treat an electric dirt bike the same way you would treat other electronics in wet weather.

Although you can ride an electric dirt bike in the rain for a short period of time, you should immediately store the dirt bike inside after riding, and be sure to dry it off thoroughly. The electric parts on electric dirt bikes are water-resistant, but not necessarily waterproof.

Water-resistant means that it is hard for water to get inside the electric parts, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If it happens, it could not only reduce the lifespan of the dirt bike significantly, but completely ruin some important parts entirely.

The best thing you can do is to avoid riding an electric dirt bike in excessive rain. Also, you should always take precautionary measures before riding such as protecting the electrical contact points with grease. After riding, you shouldn’t let the bike dry on its own but manually dry the bike off.

Final Thoughts

If you take the right precautions and wear the right gear, riding in the rain doesn’t have to be dangerous or have bad effects on your dirt bike. Still, keep in mind that riding in the rain is definitely riskier than riding in dry weather. The wetter the terrain, the higher the chances of having an accident. Wear the right gear and ride safely and it can be both safe and fun!